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Scandinavian Cable Service Oy (SCS) is a supplier of cable raw materials for the cable industry. SCS has already for 20 years been a partner of the Scandinavian cable industry and has taken care of providing its clients with raw materials necessary for a trouble-free production.

SCS operates in collaboration with the leading raw material manufacturers in the field and strive to offer the widest possible range of cable raw materials for cable manufacturing. This service concept guarantees that raw materials of high quality are at the cable production line exactly when needed.

The company´s customer base covers the cable industry around the Baltic Sea. Our references clearly show the success of our business concept when it comes to handling logistically demanding raw material deliveries to our clients.

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Star Works Group Ltd. (SWG) is a corporation of six companies working in the electro technical field. We have operations and production sites in Finland, Estonia and Poland. In Finland our facilities are situated in Järvenpää and Eura. In Estonia we operate in Jüri, just south of Tallinn. Our Polish factory is in Smolec, near Wroclaw. Our staff of 80 dedicated professionals ensure that we can serve you and your company’s needs to your fullest satisfaction.

Our core business is to provide tailor made manufacturing and subcontracting services for the manufacturers of electrical machines, transformers, other devices and to supply material for the cable industry. We also serve the needs of the maintenance and repair sector.

We cooperate with leading manufacturers and providers. Our stock and wholesales services include an extensive range of raw materials, machinery and equipment delivered to you in appropriate quantities with a prompt delivery time. Our shelf service is an important, value adding activity we can provide to you.


Scandinavian Cable Service Oy (SCS) is a reliable supplier of raw materials for the cable industry. We are not only a material supplier, but also a logistics partner for our clients. Raw materials that are difficult to get hold of in quick and flexible manner based on actual needs, are taken care by us, avoiding large stocks at customers.

We are co-operating with the leading material manufacturers in the field by combining the needs of our customers and buying the raw materials to our warehouse. Deliveries from our suppliers are carried out efficiently in large batches. The way of storing the materials in our warehouse allows us to further convert them into the form desired by the customer (for example rolls or traverse wounded spools according to the customer need). If the materials we have in stock are not suitable, we are able to supply the required materials from our partners through our regular delivery system. We strive to offer our customers the widest possible range of cable components in order to achieve efficient logistics along the entire supply chain.

Throughout the company´s 20 years history, SCS has been successful at creating long-term relationships of mutual trust with its clients. The customers are aware of the importance of purchasing logistics for the reliability and flexibility of their own deliveries. Such a long-term relationship makes it possible, together with our clients, to develop the entire supply chain in the most efficient and competitive way. The tapes and yarns are not the most expensive components in the cable manufacturing process, but they can to be rather valuable when they are not available at the right time or when they do not work as intended. For this reason, SCS invest strongly not only in logistics, but also in the quality of the products. From the very early beginning the company has had a quality system, which today is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

At SCS, we have a strong desire to develop our products in partnership with our clients and suppliers in order to continuously improve them and to make them more efficient and safer. Our carefully chosen partners guarantee optimum conditions for the development of new products that meet our clients’ changing needs.

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