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SCS is actively looking for new partners and products into its product portfolio. Our intention is to serve the cable manufacturers with the widest possible range of raw materials. We are looking for long-term partnerships with our customers in order to optimize the efficiency of the supply chain.


Shielding materials made of metal foil (AL, CU, FE) and plastic films (PET, PE, PP) in different thicknesses laminated together. ScandiShield is available in two- or three-ply combinations and can be topped with PE-copolymer films or other coatings for additional performance.

  • ScandiShield: aluminium based tapes
  • ScandiShield CU: copper based tapes
  • ScandiShield FE: PE-copolymer coated steel tapes

ScandiShield MICA

Different type of Mica tapes to improve the fire resistance of the cable.
Supply form: pads or spools.


PET films in thicknesses 12-350 microns provide good mechanical and chemical barrier properties typical of PET polymer.


Low tack PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) tapes based on BOPP films. Customized according to customers´needs.


PET based binding yarn in different thicknesses and in various spool dimensions.


Customized two- or three-ply laminates to meet customers’ needs.


A wide range of FRP-rods to be used as strength members for optical cables.
Coated steel wires for reinforcing or armouring of cables.


Paper tapes for the separation of components inside the cables.

Geca Tapes water blocking materials

The full product portfolio of the WB tapes and yarns from Geca-Tapes, a leading producer.

Lenzing - solid and foamed MOPP tapes

Printed or unprinted tapes for binding and bedding from company Lenzing Plastics.

PBT for optical cable production

From a leading Chinese producer.

And our portfolio develops all the time

Tell us what you need!
What you are looking for may already be available in our portfolio.

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