Trouble-free production is the foundation for efficient work in the manufacturing of cables. A cheap component may end up being expensive when it interrupts or even stops the whole production line. For this reason, we invest strongly in the quality of our products. Since we began our manufacturing activity, we have had a functional quality system and this system was awarded ISO9001:2000 certification on 1 July 2004. Our quality and environmental management certificate can be found in the link below.

At SCANDINAVIAN CABLE SERVICE OY, we have a strong desire to develop our products in partnership with our clients and suppliers in order to continue improving them and to make them more efficient and safer. These carefully chosen partners in cooperation guarantee optimum conditions for the development of new products that meet our custromers' changing needs. In addition, we have a background and lengthy experience in manufacturing tapes, as well as the production equipment required for the development and manufacturing of our special products.

Our environmental policy ensures that the company carefully takes into account the environment and its preservation for future generations in all our development and manufacturing activities.

ISO9001:2015 & ISO14000:2015 certificate