is a supplier of cable components for the cable industry. We are not only a material supplier, but a logistical partner for our clients, providing materials whose fast and flexible procurement, based on needs, is difficult without large warehouses.

We are co-operating with the leading material manufacturers in the field by combining the needs of our customers and buying the raw materials to our warehouse. Deliveries from our suppliers are carried out efficiently in large batches. The way of storing the materials in our warehouse allows us to further convert them into the form desired by the customer (for example rolls or traverse wounded spools according to the customer need). If the materials we have in stock do not meet the customer need, we have the ability to supply the required materials from our partners through our regular delivery system. We strive to offer our customers the widest possible range of cable components in order to achieve efficient logistics along the entire chain of production.

Our production machines and control systems are designed and built to meet our specific needs. They support our highly capable and flexible production. Our experienced personnel are trained in-house, and work continuously and effectively to make sure that the customer's production lines remain running without interruption and that our customers are able to carry out production activities as logically and effectively as possible. At SCANDINAVIAN CABLE SERVICE OY, we invest in work safety and the well-being of our workers in order to guarantee a trouble-free production as well as reliable deliveries to our clients.

Throughout our history of almost 20 years, Scandinavian Cable Service Oy has been successful at creating long-term relationships of mutual trust with our clients, who are aware of the importance of purchasing logistics for the reliability and flexibility of their own deliveries. This kind of long-term relationship with our clients makes it possible for us, together with our clients, to develop the entire delivery chain in most efficient and competitive way. The tapes and yarns are not among the most expensive components in the cable manufacturing process, but they can approve themselves to be expensive when they are not available at the right time or when they do not work as intended. For this reason, we invest strongly not only in logistics, but also in the quality of our products. Since we began our manufacturing activity, we have had a quality system and this system was awarded ISO9001:2000 certification on 1 July 2004. Our quality policy and certificates can be found in the "Quality and Environment" section.

At SCANDINAVIAN CABLE SERVICE OY, we have a strong desire to develop our products in partnership with our clients and suppliers in order to continuously improve them and to make them more efficient and safer. These carefully chosen partners in co-operation guarantee optimum conditions for the development of new products that meet our clients' changing needs. In addition, we have a background and a long experience in manufacturing web form materials, as well as the production equipment required for the development and manufacturing of our special products.

Our environmental policy ensures that the company carefully takes into account the environment and its preservation for future generations in all our development and manufacturing activities. This policy can be found in the "Quality and Environment" section.

SCANDINAVIAN CABLE SERVICE OY is a part of Star Works Group.